Passive Distributors (ASB Series)

Lumberg Automation™ passive actuator/sensor distribution boxes - for effective bundling of parallel wiring.


Save the time needed for the lengthy and expensive installation of terminal blocks in enclosures. Passive distribution boxes mount directly on machinery and combine signals from sensors and actuators while transmitting them via one integrated or quick-disconnect control cable to the controller. Such decentralized wiring offers significant cost advantages compared to conventional distribution systems.

  • With M8 and M12 Actuator/Sensor Sockets
  • 4 ports, 6 ports, 8 ports, 10 and 12 way distributors
  • with or without LED indicators
  • 1 or 2 signals per socket (single or two channel versions)
  • Pluggable versions or with fixed control cable
  • Metal and stainless steel housings available (up to IP 69K)

Passive actuator/sensor distribution boxes with M8 and M12 connection

  • Since it is no longer necessary to install row terminals in the distribution boxes or attach screw-in cable fasteners, this method creates substantial cost and time benefits over the use of subdistribution boxes
  • Flexible and fast: Depending on the design, the bus can have a fixed connection to the distribution box or can be attached to the corresponding plug connection using an M12/M23 connection line to provide more flexibility
  • Maximum reliability: IP 67, very good vibration and shock resistance
  • The boxes combine compact construction and optimum handling characteristics - Their optimized slot/socket arrangement permits easy handling, even when T-junctions are used to double the connections


Actuator/sensor distributors are integrated directly into machines and plants. For that purpose, a wide product range is available for most different applications, such as Metal processing machinery, material handling and robotic systems and machinery in the Food & Beverage industry:

  • Standard M12 plastic distributors for general use, for example, in conveyor and assembly technology, testing technology and in robotics
  • The M8 distribution boxes are designed for both rear and lateral installation, giving the modules the necessary flexibility to adapt to your system's environment. This means that fastening and laying of cable can be ideally adjusted to each other
  • Stainless steel modules are also provided for use in food-processing machinery and other special applications requiring extra-high chemical resistance or other special characteristics

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Wide range of products

Lumberg Automation's product line for M8 and M12 applications include 4-, 6- or 8-way distribution boxes (4, 6, or 8 ports) with single or double assignment, with or without LED, fixed cable, M23 connection, and backward flexes or terminal connection box

  • Compact: Due to their compact construction, M8 and M12 distribution boxes only take up a small amount of space in systems and machines
  • Lumberg Automation products combine compact construction and optimum handling characteristics to enable fast, easy, and safe wiring
  • Turn 8 into 16: As with all Lumberg Automation distribution boxes, the gaps between individual slots have been designed to allow connection of 2-way T-distribution boxes, making it possible to control up to 16 actuators and sensors over a single distribution box
  • For harsh environments: Stainless-steel models are also provided for use in food-processing machinery and other special applications requiring extra-high chemical resistance or other special characteristics

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Passive Distributors

M8/M12 actuator/sensor distribution boxes


M12 Stainless Steel Distributors with fixed control cable, front or side connectors, 8 ports - especially designed for use in food processing equipment.


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