Circular Connectors (for Actuators, Sensors and Data)

Reliable and proven connection technology with M12, M8, M23, 7/8" thread for industrial automation


Sensor connector assemblies and cables made by Lumberg Automation™ are remarkable for the large number of standard and special types available. The portfolio offers a broad program of M8, M12, M23, and 7/8" connector assemblies for any desired application.

  • Single or double ended cordsets
  • Field attachables and receptacle connector assemblies
  • Screwed clamp terminals, solder connection and spring-type terminals
  • straight and angled, male and female connectors

Lumberg Automation™ Connectors and Cables


All assemblies rated IP67 and higher offer particularly good protection against penetration by dirt or moisture. Continual testing of their compatibility with chemicals, coolants, lubricants and cleaning materials mean that these connector assemblies always reflect the very latest technology. Patented product features such as the self-locking screw coupling, the rolled spring contacts as well as the so called "piggyback circuit", which ensures the correct functioning even if the LED display is damaged, are all a matter of course for Lumberg Automation products.

  • Designed to be reliable in manufacturing environments
  • Increased up time and efficiency
  • Highly cost-effective, integrated solutions offer a large degree of flexibility
  • Comprehensive product portfolio

Connectors and cables designed for the requirements of high availability in a 24/7 production environment


The wide range of first-class circular connectors ensures that you benefit from the most cost effective solutions for the connection of

  • Sensors and valves with IO modules
  • I/O modules with control systems (PLCs)
  • Inductive/Capacitive proximity switches, photoelectric sensors, absolute/incremental encoders, linear position transducers
  • Hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves, pressure switches, pressure transducers
  • Supply power and data to I/O modules, drives and other field devices

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Connectors and Cables - Key features:

  • Male and female, Straight and angled variants, with 2 to 19 pins
  • A, B, U and D coded
  • For voltages up to 250 V (M12, M23, 7/8") or 60 V (M8) and currents up to 12 A (7/ 8"), 10 A (M23), 4 A (M8, M12)
  • Available as field-attachable connectors or with molded cables as well as T-distributors
  • Cable variants in many lengths with and without LED function indicator
  • Numerous connection possibilities – screwed clamp terminals, cage clamp terminals and quick connection technologies
  • Protection class IP 67; up to IP68 /69K


Flexible wiring with single-ended cordsets for actuators and sensors

These actuator and sensor connector cables are preassembled one-sided connector assemblies with the other end open. Connector assemblies with permanently welded cables are used to connect a sensor or actuator to a control cabinet or distributor. The open end of the connector cable facilitates flexible wiring.


Secure and convenient cabling with ready-made cordsets, double-ended

These actuator and sensor connector cables have preassembled connector assemblies fitted on both ends. Connector assemblies with permanently welded cables are used to connect a sensor or actuator to a distributor or I/O module. The product range includes connector cables with M8, M12, and M23 connectors plus pressure switches and valve plugs of types A, B and C.


Easy connection of equipment using receptacle connector assemblies

A variety of receptacle connector assemblies is available for the construction of sensors, actuators and other devices. Receptacle connectors for use as wall bushings are easy and safe to install by screwing the appliance plug to the front or rear of the desired housing.


Maximum flexibility with field attachable connector assemblies

In cases where it is difficult to plan a wiring installation because conditions are unclear or subject to change, you can use cable connections coupled with easy-to-assemble connectors for additional planning scope and flexibility. Different cable lengths can be implemented as required and connectors can be individually adapted to suit the situation. The flexibility gained in this situation can enable users to save both time and money.


Efficient Wiring with Two-way Distributors

Whether as ready-to-plug-in two-way connection cables with easy-to-assemble dual-connector assemblies or as T distributors: these connector assemblies are used to distribute or merge signals in order to minimize the necessary amount of wiring. In combination with I/O modules or actuator/ sensor boxes they also save a great deal of space when a large number of I/O points need to be connected within a limited assembly area.

Product Overview

  • ProductsHigh Performance Networking Components and Machine Connectivity Products

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Technical Data


M8 Circular Connectors

Cost savings thanks to quick and easy installation, space savings thanks to compact dimensions


M12 Circular Connectors

Lumberg Automation™ offers a continuous range of M12 connectors and cordsets for the wiring of your machines and plants


7/8" Circular Connectors

7/8" connectors for tough environments such as in mines, in vehicles, in mechanical engineering and underwater


M23 Circular Connectors

Universally suitable for transmitting signal voltages or supplying power to I/O boxes, motors and drives


Cordsets, double-ended and Data Cables

Numerous cordsets are available for the comfortable connection of actuators and sensors to active or passive distributing boxes


T-connectors (Splitters) / Adaptors

Efficient and flexible wiring with 2-way distributors for actuator/sensor boxes and the bus connection or fieldbus power supply

Hirschmann™ Industrial Connectors:


MIL, DIN, Universal Connectors

Signal and Power connectors (CA series); MIL-C-5015 or VG 95342 Connectors (CM series) and DIN 43651 Connectors (NR series)



New robotic product program from Lumberg Automation™, including hundreds of different molded torsion-resistant control cables, individual lengths of cable and a wide assortment of robust M12 connectors