One-Cable Automation: LioN-Power Hybrid I/O Modules

Streamline power and data transfer in one space-saving module with fewer connectors. Hybrid connectivity integrates Industrial Ethernet protocols and peripheral voltage into a single 8-pole cable.

With flexible, field-level automation solutions, you can meet today’s requirements, while easily accommodating more devices and data in the future. The LioN-Power Hybrid I/O Modules get you ready for the IIoT evolution without overhauling your network. Plus, you reduce installation and replacement time. This is the world’s first I/O module that provides multiprotocol support in combination with M12 hybrid technology.


LioN-Power Hybrid I/O Modules

Faster installation

  • Cut installation times significantly thanks to one small interface that combines data and power with up to 2x 6 amps.


  • Enhance your connectivity with the world’s first I/O module that provides multiprotocol support in combination with M12 hybrid technology.


  • Gain flexibility with IO-Link master functionality that enables you to configure every port as DI, DO or IO-Link to meet your needs.

Lumberg Automation brings you the perfect solution: the world’s first M12 hybrid modules that provide powerful multiprotocol 8-port IO-Link master support in an extremely compact and lightweight design.

The modules’ compact and lightweight design is especially well-suited for tight spaces and smaller machines. Plus, these features make the hybrid I/O modules ideal for any type of moving application, such as robotic arms.

Your Benefits

LioN-Power Hybrid I/O Modules in combination with the M12 hybrid Y-coding technology reduce the number of cables you need, simplifying your installation and making it easier to replace modules over time. As a result, you have significant time savings and reduced material costs.


Be global-ready with UL 61010-1 approval and multiprotocol Support for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

The M12 hybrid connectors’ innovative technology combines reliable power and data transmission while meeting industry Y-coding standards according to IEC 61076-2-113.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Achieve one-cable automation with a single M12 hybrid connector that combines power and data transmission
  • Be global ready with UL 61010-1 approval and multiprotocol support for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP
  • Meet multiple needs with versatile IO-Link port operation modes
  • Expand digital input and power supply use with smart sensors and actuators (4x Class A / 4x Class B ports)
  • Use the embedded webserver or our IO-Link Device tool to easily configure IO-Link devices
  • Simplify installation – compact design in combination with M8 5-pole I/O connectivity variants
  • Withstand harsh conditions – rated for IP65, IP67 and IP69K

LioN-Power Hybrid I/O Modules

0980 ESL 1x9-331 0980 ESL 1x9-332
Description M12 Y-coded power supply, M12 5-pole I/O connectors, 30 mm housing M12 Y-coded power supply, M8 5-pole I/O connectors, 30 mm housing
Protection Degree IP65, IP67, IP69K IP65, IP67, IP69K
Ambient Temperature -20 °C to +70 °C -20 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 30 x 43 x 204 (mm) 30 x 43 x 183 (mm)
Weight 448 g 413 g
Housing Material Metal, Zinc Die-cast Metal, Zinc Die-cast

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Product overview

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