Lumberg Automation LioN-Link EtherNet/IP bus coupler enables universal integration, long-distance connections and access to real-time data

Network updates and repairs are simple with the LioN-Link EtherNet/IP bus coupler, providing flexible interface options across existing EtherNet/IP protocols for even the harshest industrial environments.

Each bus coupler connects up to 30 input/output (I/O) modules distributed through two lines, with a maximum of 15 devices per line. The lines can extend up to 100 meters, twice the distance of any other product on the market.


LioN-Link EtherNet/IP bus coupler from Lumberg Automation™

Software is integrated into each bus coupler, allowing communications with the Web server, and access to data and diagnostics across the entire manufacturing process.

  • Ease of Implementation – The plug-and-play simplicity of this bus coupler makes it easy to get any network up and running.
  • Seamless Integration – This single I/O module supports diverse field wiring designs and can be used in interfaces following CanOpen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS and PROFINET protocols.
  • Time Savings and Speed – With no special cables or connectors required and numerous configuration options available, installation is simple and the procurement process is quick.

The new LioN-Link EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler provides a simple communications solution between the fieldbus system based on industrial Ethernet and the independent I/O modules of the LioN-Link system.
It is designed to withstand mechanical vibration and shock, and resist corrosion. The bus coupler will be particularly relevant to automotive manufacturers and automation companies – two industrial segments increasingly using EtherNet/IP.

LioN-Link Ethernet/IP bus coupler enables universal integration, long-distance connections and access to real-time data.

Product features at a glance:

  • Flexible configuration options: two lines per bus coupler, up to 100 meters user-defined extension per line and up to 15 devices per line
  • Integrated web server allows monitoring, configuration and diagnostics of the LioN-Link system through a standard TCP/IP connection
  • Meets IP67 protection degree rating
  • Light weight and compact dimensions
  • Resistant against mechanical vibration and shock, and chemical corrosion
  • Uses standard M12-connectors for network and power supply
  • Color coding of connectors allows an easy assignment to their function
  • Plug-and-play commissioning
  • Internal cycle time of 2 ms
  • Powers the electronics of the connected I/O modules and the sensors through the internal bus cables; no additional cables required