Reliable wiring of actuators and sensors in the field

Belden adds extremely robust passive ASB-R (Actuator Sensor Box–Ruggedized) distribution boxes to its Lumberg Automation™ product line

The new passive ASB-R rugged distribution boxes enable the reliable connection of actuators and sensors even in the most demanding environments. The robust and fully potted die-cast zinc housing can withstand shavings, welding sparks, aggressive coolants, lubricants, as well as shock and vibration. Available in more than twenty versions - all with an IP67 protection rating - the distribution boxes feature high operational reliability and boast an outstanding price-performance ratio.


  • High quality materials and attractive design for sophisticated requirements
  • Embedded ports for an extremely low-profile space-saving design
  • Fully potted die-cast zinc housings and integrated ports ensure the highest mechanical strength and reliability, plus maximum protection against even the most adverse environmental conditions
  • Versions with two channels per M12 port permit compact cost-saving double occupancy for up to 16 signals
  • Optimized slot arrangement permits easy handling even when T-junctions are used
  • Standard M12 connection technology reduces wiring costs
  • Ideally suited for the mechanical and plant engineering sector, these passive distribution boxes fulfill the highest requirements in terms of robustness and operational lifetime.
  • The ASB-R rugged distribution boxes can be integrated directly into plant machinery and equipment - typically, where signals from actuators and sensors require bundling and transmission to control systems.

Wide variety:

  • Four or eight vibration-proof M12 slots with metal threads
  • Single and dual-channel versions, i.e. one or two signals per M12 port
  • Distribution boxes with attached cables or pluggable M23 trunk-line ports for flexible and easy installation
  • Versions with LED operation and function displays, or without LEDs for analog signals

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