The Modular, Fieldbus Independent I/O System

Optimization of Field Wiring Through the Utilization of a Modular IP 67 Fieldbus Solution

From the Solution of a Problem to the LioN-Link Standard.

The LioN-Link decentralized I/O fieldbus system, which can be used to create line topologies of up to 100 meters in length, consists of bus coupler modules, which function as the interface to higher level fieldbuses such as Profibus, CANopen®, DeviceNet or ProfiNet, and protocol independent I/O modules.


Engineers therefore only have to make minimal changes to the hardware if their end customers use different transmission protocols for the connection of systems to their communications network. Only the BusHead requires an address setting, the fieldbus independent I/O modulesare commissioned without module addressing. Furthermore, a terminator is not required in either link line. Both features contribute to protection against manipulation.

Easy Wiring with Standard Connectors

Thanks to the utilization of standard components you are also assured of uninterrupted procurement and individual part inventory availability . All of the connectors and cables necessary for the LioN-Link system can be acquired anywhere in the world. Standard M12 connectors are used exclusively for fieldbus and link, standard M8/M12 connectors for the coupling of the sensors and actuators and standard M12/7/8" connectors for the power supply.

Lumberg Automation™ offers effective connectivity solutions for demanding applications at field level.

  • Universal I/O Functionality
  • Quick, Fast and Easy Installation
  • IP 67 degree of protection
  • Color Coding

LioN-Link offers a complete range of connection components at field level.

These include components for the control of electric drives, the networking of intelligent sensors and actuators (e.g. proximity switches, motor starters and valves), straightforward retrofitting/conversion of machines, safety applications and decentralized power supplies.


The bus coupler and I/O modules, whose connections are designed for M12 or M8 connectors, are easy to install and commission thanks to the plug and play principle. They also offer comprehensive diagnostics options, meet the requirements for degree of protection IP 67 and have high vibration and shock resistance. Lumberg Automation™ fieldbus systems are thus ideal for use in extreme environments.

The LioN-Link I/ O fieldbus system not only facilitates secure data communication, but also contributes to the efficient operation of machines and systems, however the field wiring may look. With LioN-Link it is always possible to implement customized solutions. The system offers a high degree of flexibility, which is very useful in the planning phase and during subsequent retrofitting or conversion. It also helps to reduce power consumption.

More about LioN-Link

Higher output current on each channel


The new Lion Link I/O module
0942 UEM 602, with its four digital outputs offers higher output current limits of 2 A per line with a maximum of 6 A overall. This means that you can now also reliably control hydraulic valves with a retaining current of up to 2 A.