Lumberg Automation’s M12 Power Connectors Transmit High Levels of Power While Saving Space

The latest product from the Lumberg Automation family of M12 connectors is compact, efficient and offers the ability to transmit at high power levels for long periods of time. The M12 Power Connector takes advantage of new technology that works very well in high temperatures, making it ideal for harsh environments.

The M12 Power Connector is S-, L-, K- and T-coded. The high voltage and currents ratings combined with the high derating in harsh environmental conditions make this product portfolio unique among the products available on the market.


Lumberg Automation’s M12 Power cordsets

Its small size makes the M12 Power Connector suited for applications with little free space, like automotive, manufacturing, machine building and power transmission.

This low-maintenance connector is reliable, installation friendly, and available in both male and female connectors. Its compact design and high power transmission make it a cost-effective solution for operations that need a reliable, flexible connector.


  • Outstanding performance in power transmission while fulfilling global standards (UL and VDE). The M12 Power is designed according to DIN EN 61076-2-111

Operational reliability

  • Can transmit at high power levels even in high ambient temperatures due to a higher derating grants high up time in production


  • Small size allows highest flexibility in planning your application and saving space while providing cost-effective connectivity. Colored contact bearer makes it easy to identify the codings to speed up installation time

M12 Power Technology in four different codings fulfill the needs of several applications.

The M12’s K- and S- coding is designed for AC power supplies with 630 V AC/16 A, making it the ideal solution for AC motors and drive for power connections, frequency inverters, motor control switches, auxiliary power distribution for control systems, and direct wiring of LED and conventional lighting fixture systems.

The L- and T-coding versions are designed for DC power supplies with 63 V DC/16 A, which works well for low-voltage supplies, such as power supplies for I/O boxes, fieldbus Ethernet components, network devices, motors and drives, and direct wiring of LED and conventional lighting fixture systems.

Its small size makes it suitable for applications that require little space, like automotive, manufacturing and machine building for power transmission.


The M12 Power Connector features the well-known and proven Lumberg Automation M12 technology, meeting all the requirements for higher power consumption of control, sensing and actuators in automation control systems.


The M12 Power Cordsets come with M12 shielded or unshielded connectors, with threaded joint and molded cable, knurled nut with self-locking threaded Joint

M12 Power Field Attachable Connectors: Shielded or unshielded with self-locking threaded joint and knurled nut.

Four different codings fulfill the needs of several applications, while preventing mismatching connectors with different voltages.

The product benefits at a glance

  • Complete product portfolio - one stop shop solution
  • Ratings 16 A up to 630 V
  • Optional 360° shielding available
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Conductor size 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² (L&K)
  • Crimp technology and screw technology
  • Protection class IP65, IP67, IP69K
  • Colored contact bearer for easy identification of the coding
  • Cable outlet up to 11 mm