Lumberg Automation™ Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-I) Modules with Improved Capability

Belden launches two new AS-Interface modules with encapsulated PUR housing and high signal density under its Lumberg Automation™ brand.

The new AS-Interface modules from Lumberg Automation™ support the latest AS-Interface profile in accordance with specification V3.0 and can be connected to up to 1,000 digital inputs/ outputs. Compared to the previous versions, signal density has more than doubled. Additionally, the modules feature a fully encapsulated PUR housing that is highly resistant to cooling lubricants from machine tools, for example.


The modules can be coupled to the actuator/sensor network with round or flat cables. For this purpose, they feature either an integrated splitter functionality or piercing contacts. Both versions are slave modules with four digital inputs for two- or three-wire sensors and four digital outputs for standard actuators. Two inputs and two outputs are Y-connected.

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