New design for 12-pole M12 connectors

The new Lumberg Automation™ branded 12-pole M12 actuator/sensor connectors with molded cable score highly. What’s more, they have a new translucent design with further improvements to details.

Their subdued color harmonizes with practically any equipment design. This makes all of the sensor connectors (M8 and M12) uniform in terms of appearance, while the proven technical properties of our M12 connectors remain unchanged. All lines with interlocking threads continue to fulfill IP67 protective system requirements.


An optimized insert and the metal screw thread have special contours to ensure optimal networking and the best possible anti-twist protection which significantly increases possible withdrawal force. The self-locking threaded joint also provides increased safety in terms of shock and vibration resistance. The quality of these products has also been further improved by switching from solder to crimp contacts – all for maximum reliability.

At the same time, the control cable has also been optimized. In future, connectors will be equipped with the tried-and-tested Lumflex® STL 346. This 12 x 0.25 mm² cable is remarkable for the increased current carrying capacity of the individual signal cables.

These improvements will however, necessitate new ordering details for the 12-pole connectors: the designation for straight connection cables of type RKT 12-348/…M will be changed to RKT 12-346/… M; the designation for angled connection cables of type RKWT 12-348/… M will be changed to RKWT 12-346/…M. Straight connection cables, plug straight, coupling angled, have also been added to the portfolio. These can now be ordered with the designation RST 12-RKWT 12-346/… M.

These 12-pole connectors are mostly used in mechanical and plant engineering as a lead for pluggable, passive distributors such as the Lumberg Automation™ ASBSM …/LED series.

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