New Industrial Ethernet IO-Boxes

The new LioN-M Industrial Ethernet modules allow a line topology without additional network switches thanks to integrated 2-port switch.

Ethernet is already the most important network standard in the field of automation. These LioN-M I/O modules, which support Ethernet/IP and PROFINET protocols, can be used to connect sensors and actuators directly to control systems.

Their integrated dual-port switch facilitates a line topology as well as the previously usual star topology. They also enable you to continue using your existing communications structures, such as cable trays and energy chains, without any need to modify your system’s physical layout. This means that there is usually no need to install cost-intensive star cabling or additional switches in your network.


The IP addressing via on board switches, BOOTP or via Webserver DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

Your Benefits

  • High degree of flexibility
  • High functional stability
  • Easy handling
  • Fast installation and maintenance -> save you time and money.

The Lumberg Automation™ LioN-M modules for ProfiNet I/O and EtherNet/IP were especially designed for complex installations with high signal density and high real-time requirements. These include machinery used in auto body shops, gearbox manufacture and paint shops. The modules can, however, equally be used in filling equipment, high-bay warehouses or conveyor belts. They are also ideally suited for printing, paper, textile and wood processing machinery. LioN-M modules thus primarily enable planning and design staff to create high-availability solutions in the field of machinery and plant construction, but project buyers, system integrators and maintenance specialists for machinery and plant can also benefit from these powerful modules.

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