LioN-R EtherNet/IP Quick Connect Feature Enables Faster Automatic Tool Change and More Flexibility in Production Process

In addition to reducing production cycle time, Belden’s LioN-R EtherNet/IP Quick Connect feature adds flexibility and reduced machinery adjustments, while driving higher overall levels of automation in the automotive market, and for machine building and packaging areas.

The Quick Connect technology contributes to faster overall production cycles for industrial applications in which robots play a critical role in the automation process. It ensures that the modules in the LioN-R series can quickly and efficiently power up and join an EtherNet/IP network after a tool exchange on a robot has been performed – reducing the time it takes for the automatic tool changers (ATCs) found on modern robots to exchange tools and switch out the task the robot performs.


At a glance, the Quick Connect technology allows:

  • Faster production cycles
  • Quicker automatic tool changes: Ready for operation in less than 500 ms
  • More flexibility in production processes

The LioN-R Ethernet/IP module is quick and easy to install, and with the added Quick Connect feature, companies can immediately experience:

  • Accelerated start-up time of machinery
  • Shorted overall production cycles
  • Faster switchover of robot tools with ATC
  • Reduction of machine downtime due to ATC
  • Elimination of manual adjustments to robots
  • Increased flexibility within production lines
  • Higher output due to faster production cycles
  • Fewer robots required, which reduces space and cost
  • Quick Connect specifically helps industrial applications reduce the time it takes for the automatic tool changers (ATCs) found on modern robots to exchange tools and switch out the task the robot performs.
  • This minimized ATC changeover time is especially ideal for industrial markets, including automotive manufacturers or logistics companies, such as warehouses.
  • If one robot can be adjusted to serve multiple purposes on the automation line, companies will need fewer robots, have reduced maintenance requirements, and experience less downtime in the production cycle.

The LioN-R I/O modules for Ethernet/IP come in three versions:

  • with 16 digital input (DI) channels
  • with 16 digital output (DO) channels
  • with a combination of 8 DI and 8 DO channels

The rated output current rating goes up to 1.6 A per channel, with a maximum total current capacity of 9 A. The optimum slot arrangement makes them easy to use, even with T distributors.

Both the 16 I/O slots and the two EtherNet/IP ports use vibration-proof M12 connection technology. To prevent confusion, the slots and ports are all color-coded. The IP address is set up using rotary switches. The process of configuring these LioN-R modules is also extremely convenient, as it can be carried out via the user interface of the controller.

New Product Bulletin

  • PB1059LE - Download PDFThe new ruggedized EtherNet/IP modules in the LioN series (LioN-R) guarantee maximum security for data communication, New Product Bulletin, 4 pages

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