Compact Fieldbus Modules (LioN-Series)

Lumberg Automation™ IP 67 components are especially designed for field applications. Supporting AS-Interface, Interbus, Profibus, CANopen®, DeviceNet and Industrial Ethernet fieldbus systems.


LioN-Link – Lumberg Automation I/O Network

LioN-Link is the new modular IP 67 distribution system for decentralized utility directly at the field level. The LioN-Link system consists of bus coupler modules which provide the connection between the entire fieldbus system and the fieldbus independent I/O modules. Based on a BusHead, the I/O module is distributed decentrally to the field via two lines. A total of 15 devices per branch can be connected to the system for a total extension of 100 m per branch.



The AS-Interface concept permits fast and easy installation. Therefore, this system is also ideal for entry into bus technology. As bus arrangements can be chosen arbitrarily (e.g. line, tree, star), they can be adapted perfectly to the machine. That mono-master system for up to 62 participants is especially appropriate for smaller machines or subsystems. Apart from the typical AS-i flat ribbon cable Lumberg Automation additionally offers modules with connection for round cables.



The topology of an interbus network is physically ring-shaped, however, due to special cabling the appearance is that of a line or tree structure. In the case of interbus difference is made between the subsystems remote bus, installation remote bus and local bus. Interbus is a mono-master system for up to 512 participants. The connection for the Interbus and the power supply is effected via M23 connectors.



Profibus can be implemented as a mono-master or multi-master system. It is arranged in line structure with up to 126 participants. Lumberg Automation’s components support the Profibus-DP profile for decentralized periphery. Optionally, the modules are available in M23 or M12 connection technique.



CANopen® is an open CAN-based communication profile with highly flexible configuration capabilities. To ensure the best application of CANopen® in the decentral sector, components must meet maximum electromechanical demands. Lumberg Automation’s CANopen® components offer an absolute protection for the electronic system due to the material used for the housing and the encapsulation technique. The modules are equipped with M12 connection technology for the bus.



DeviceNet is a multi-master fieldbus system with a line structure, for up to 64 participants. DeviceNet is based on the CAN specification with limited functionality, but simpler handling. Modules are optionally available with 7/8" or M12 connection technique. High protection classes are considered self-evident; so are shock and vibration resistances. Therefore, our fieldbus systems are also suitable for application in extreme surroundings.


Industrial Ethernet

Ethernet is an effective and widespread data transfer system which is also suitable for automation applications. For those applications in tough industrial environments Lumberg Automation offers Ethernet components with M12 connection technology. M12 connectors have proven to be a reliable connecting method for sensors and actuators as well as for use in transferring data. Lumberg Automation Industrial Ethernet products have been designed for use with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP systems.

New Industrial Ethernet IO-Boxes


The new LioN-M Industrial Ethernet modules allow a line topology without additional network switches thanks to integrated 2-port switch.

Consulting and Support

Which fieldbus system is suitable best to meet your specific needs? Lumberg Automation™ looks forward to supporting you when choosing the ideal fieldbus system and introducing a decentralized wiring concept.
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